Terms and Conditions

You are entitled to return or exchange purchases if you wish, within (7) days from the date you received your order. The basic shipping cost ((from the store to your home)) will be deducted (the shipping cost is according to the country. See the shipping and return fees)
The company is responsible for the safety of the product from the moment of shipment until receipt, so be sure to inform the company within 48 hours from the date of receipt if there is a defect or failure in the product
After 48 hours of receipt, the company has the right to decide if the defect occurred before or after receiving the shipment.
If you want to buy one product from the order and return the rest of the products, only the cost of the reverse shipping will be deducted (from the customer’s home to the store).
In some countries, you get the free shipping advantage within the value of a certain invoice. In case the order is returned, the cost of the basic shipping and the reverse shipping will be deducted. If the invoice is still within the limit that allows you to obtain free shipping, only the reverse shipping fees will be deducted.
When returning products to the store, products are checked to be proved that they have not been used and worn, or that there are no defects, makeup, odors, or perfumes or failure of using
The refund process sometimes takes 14 days from the date the company receives the returned products.
If the delivery fails, due to writing a wrong address, a mistake in writing the address, or a wrong recipient name, additional shipping fees will be charged.